WireLace Information

WireLace® is a ribbon woven with very fine wires of brass, copper and/or aluminum and bonded with an enamel coating to create a variety of stunning colors.

Nickel-free: an ideal choice for persons with nickel-allergies or for creating jewelry for countries with a ban on certain products containing nickel.

Waterproof: great for fiber crafts, jewelry and sewing where items may get wet or need to be gently hand washed.

Heat resistant: a great embellishment for use in low heat projects (under 275 degrees): bake directly into polymer clay; adorn lampshades, hot-glue into scrapbooks. Note: certain colors (primarily copper) can change slightly when heated so advance testing is always recommended

What Can You Do with WireLace®?
• expand it to create lacy waves about 3 times its width (not 1mm)
• use it flat like ribbon
• insert beads, string or wire inside (1mm not tubular)
• knot it
• thread it through beads
• bake polymer clay on it
• knit, weave or sew with it and much more....

Imagination and experimentation are the key to discovering your own personal design style with this unique material.

WireLace 5 widths

31 WireLace Colors